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EGR School Food Service Information

East Grand Rapids Food Service

East Grand Rapids Public Schools will now be providing nutritional services through a Joint Operating Agreement with the Grand Rapids Public Schools.  Grand Rapids Public Schools will provide all services for the program with the exception of the local preparation and serving of food to our students, which will be handled by East Grand Rapids school employees.  The district is excited to start this partnership, which we feel will provide an excellent nutritional program to our students and be self-sufficient financially.

Student Accounts
On-line access to your student’s meal account is now available through MealpayPlus (www.mealpayplus.com).  MealpayPlus provides free ability to check account balances, monitor purchases, and receive e-mail notifications when an account reaches a low balance.  For a small fee, deposits can be made into online accounts. Please click here for additional information.

If you prefer to write a check to deposit funds into your student's account, please make your check payable to Grand Rapids Public Schools Nutrition Department. Checks may be dropped off in the main office of your student's school. Please include your student's name, ID number, and the amount you wish to deposit.

Free and Reduced Applications
Applications for Free and Reduced meals will be available in the front office of each school building.  Instructions for filling out the application will be provided along with the application.  Students who were Free and Reduced eligible last year will have their status carried over to this school year; however, a new application will be required each year after this to maintain eligibility.

2010-2011 Lunch Prices
Lunch prices will be the same as the 2009-2010 school year and are listed below:

Student Lunch             $2.35
Reduced Lunch            $0.40

Student Lunch             $2.60
Reduced Lunch            $0.40

Program and Nutritional Information
Please click here to visit the Grand Rapids Public Schools Nutrition Program website and learn about the program, nutritional analysis, recipes, and farm to school initiatives.  The website link is below

If you have questions regarding Food Service, please contact Paul Baumgartner, Director of Dining Services at (616) 819-2135