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Oh, the places you’ll go | Community Spirit

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Oh, the places you’ll go
Oh, the places you’ll go

By Joe Elsen ’12 STAFF WRITER

As I’m walking to one of my classes that I’ve endured through this past year, a fellow senior walks by and gives a friendly smile. “Hey Joe!” they say. A simple hello is all it was at the time, but after spending the past seven years with this entire senior class, it’s something to really consider. I might never see this person, or any other senior, ever again. Graduation hits and boom we’re gone.

I remember a few years back when Mr. Bruce said to me, “These next years are gonna go by fast, Joe. You’ll be a senior before you know it”. I laughed and brushed it off, but clearly, he was completely right. It seems like only yesterday when I was a brace-face, awkward, and naïve freshman back in 2008.

This whole “looking back” reflection can get a bit cheesy and corny at times, but all of it is true. One moment, I’m a freshman who can’t find his way to classes, and suddenly, I’m a senior...