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Pioneer Dictionary 2012: Unabridged
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Pioneer Dictionary 2012: Unabridged

By Joe Elsen ’12 STAFF WRITER

Whether you are a teacher or a student, while at the high school, there’s a good chance you’ve heard certain words that seem to come from another planet, or make no sense at all. Now while you might never call your friend a dope face, it’s never a bad time to learn some new vocabulary.

Sweet - adj.

A measurement of how un-cool you really are, has nothing to do with candy or desserts, not as severe as being dope.
Ex: “You’re ordering that new album?! You’re so sweet!”
Trans: “So I heard you’re getting the new Nickleback album? You’re not cool in my book.”

Crispy – adj.

Finest quality, highest excellence of class
Ex: “Dude, check out that Mercedes. So crispy.”
Translation: “Woah, that’s a really expensive Mercedes!

Dope Face noun

Showing high levels of sweetness, lack of any dignity...


News, Schools, Weird