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1:1 Ready to launch for next year | News

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1:1 Ready to launch for next year
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1:1 Ready to launch for next year


Mixed opinions continue to circulate around next year’s one to one student to technology ratio. Still, many said they believe there will be a big enough benefit for it to be worth­while.

“I feel like this will be very helpful in being able to access the ma­terial more easily,” said Sam Currier ‘14. This will dra­matically change how teach­ers will be able to for­mat their classes and in­struct the students from test-taking to simply taking notes in class from day to day.

“I am very exited about having students with access to technology in the classroom, especially when it comes to writing,” said English teach­er Sara Edleman.

Some parents and teachers have voiced concerns that having a computer in class could distract stu­dents, but administrators and teach­ers said they are prepared to solve the problems as they arise.

“I love using technology as a tool in the classroom,” English teacher Katie Michell said. “I’m confident we are resolving how to best monitor students from the major distractions...


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