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EGR Construction Report
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EGR Construction Report

From: http://www.eastgr.org

Here's an update on the summer's construction projects for October 5, 2012:

Bonnell Avenue - Lake Drive to Hall Street. Includes water main replacement, limited amounts of sanitary sewer replacement, new storm sewer construction from Lake to Darby, sidewalk and curb repairs and street restoration. The project began on Monday July 30, 2012 and is expected to be completed by mid October.  Bonnell Avenue will be closed to all thru traffic during construction. Access will be maintained for local residences along the project.

Status: Completed to date is all of the new water main extending from Lake Drive to Hall Street and several sections of replaced sanitary sewer. Restoration of street curbs and sidewalks is underway. It is expected that the remaining underground utility work will be completed within the next week. During this time, street and sidewalk restoration work will continue. The project overall is approximately 2 weeks behind schedule, so completion is currently expected toward the end of October.

Boston Street - Breton Road to the west city limits (near Laurel Avenue). Includes curb repair and street grinding and resurfacing.

Status: The project is complete.

Wealthy Street - Plymouth Road to Sherman Street. Includes placement of a "storm water separator" located within the intersection of Wealthy Street and Laurel Avenue. The separator removes roadway and parking lot trash as well as petroleum droppings from traffic and parked vehicles which enter an existing storm sewer that drains into Fisk Lake. The project also includes resurfacing Wealthy Street. The project was scheduled to begin Thursday August 16, 2012 and is expected to be completed by the 1st of October. Wealthy Street will be closed to all thru traffic during construction. A detour route will be established along Plymouth Road, Lake Drive and Lovett Street. Access will be maintained for local residences along the project. Access to the hospital will be maintained via the Plymouth Road direction only.

Status: The storm water separator has been installed along with all other associated storm sewer appurtenances. Major items of work remaining include placement of a new retaining wall at the Fisk Lake open drain and street restoration. This portion of Wealthy Street will remain closed at the intersection with Sherman and Laurel Avenue to all traffic. Wealthy Street traffic will be maintained to the Blodgett Hospital entrance via the Plymouth Road direction and Wealthy School from the Lovett Road direction at all times during the project. The project is behind schedule by approximately three weeks. Completion is expected by the end of October.

Reeds Lake Trail - Remington Park to El Centro Blvd. Includes resurfacing of trail from Remington Park to Reeds Lake Court and new trail construction along Reeds Lake Blvd. (south side) from Reeds Lake Court to just west of El Centro Blvd.

Status: The project is complete.

Annual Sidewalk Repair Work. Includes spot repairs to sidewalk sections in accordance with a long range plan. Areas to be completed this year include Cambridge-Franklin to Sherman, Santa Barbara-south of Argentina , Argentina-Plymouth to Santa Barbara, North side of Hall-east of Lake, Woodcliff-Lake to Wren, Darby-west end to Woodcliff and Mary Avenue. Sidewalk sections are selected for replacement following establish criteria. Construction is scheduled to commence within two weeks and be completed within 30 days thereafter. Homeowners will be notified as necessary if sidewalk sections needing replacement will require temporary closure of driveways. Residents are also encouraged to notify the City Engineering Department if damage to irrigation systems occurs during this work.

Status: Work has not commenced.

Interested parties should call the City Engineering Department at 940-4817 to address any questions or concerns about the noted projects. Biweekly updates on the status of the projects will be provided at this forum.

News, Transportation