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Superintendent addresses academic excellence | News

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Superintendent addresses academic excellence
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Superintendent addresses academic excellence

By Taylor Nelson ’13 STAFF WRITER

“It’s time we stop talking about excellence, and start de­livering it” is one of the bold critiques of East Grand Rapids Public Schools that is ringing in the ears of many East Grand Rapids residents since early October when postcards with harsh criticisms like these began to be distributed.

The statements on these postcards were published on an anonymous host forum for parents of students who were in the special education program, but the website also encour­aged parents or staff to air their grievances with the district.

The postcards were intended to act as a catalyst for dis­cussion about issues that the anonymous postcard distribu­tor/website creator felt were being ignored.

These criticisms range from falling test scores to property values, but Superintendent Dr. Sara Shubel took issue with its main focus: what the author sees as denial of services to students in the special education program.

“The district is not deliberately denying special education services to any student who...


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