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Curran Henessey’s Interviews
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By Ben Trube
From The East Vision

As many of you know, Curran Hennessey, a senior at East Grand Rapids, was recently televised because of his traumatic adventure while stuck on board an aircraft in the St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

Late Friday night, April 22, a tornado hit the airport. Curran, along with others, were stuck on an aircraft while the tornado hit. The wind of the storm was so powerful that debris from the runway flew everywhere, and cars were being tossed around like little toy cars.

After Curran’s experience upon the aircraft, he called CNBC to report his emotions about what had happened.

“I was flabbergasted at first and didn’t know what to do; this was definitely an adventure while the tornado hit. Afterwards, this experience was amusing to me.” Hennessey said.

Curran has been interviewed by many newscasters including: The Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Nightly News, and Entertainment Tonight. These news shows have contacted Curran after his first interview with The Today Show.

“A black escalade picked me up and I flew to New York to continue...


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