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City Commission Issues

April 18, 2011 – 6:00 p.m.

  • Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Public Comment by persons in attendance.
  • Report of Mayor and City Commissioners.

Regular Agenda Items    

Wealthy Voting Precinct Moves

Wealthy Voting Precinct Moves

WEALTHY VOTING PRECINCT MOVES LOCATIONS WITHIN BUILDING. Voters who cast their votes at Wealthy Elementary (Precinct 3-1) have a new voting location within the school building. The voting location has moved to the Multi-Purpose Room at the Wealthy Pool on the north end of the building.

You can still park in the same parking lot and follow the signs along the sidewalk to the north end of the building. The School Board election on May 3, 2011 is the first election to be held in the new location.

School Board Forum Coming

On April 19th, a Tuesday, you can hear the candidates for the school board explain why you should vote for them.  The forum will be held at the High School Little Auditorium at 7 PM.  Three candidates are vying for two open seats.

School Elections Coming Up

ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION - MAY 3, 2011. On the ballot for this election are members of the EGR School Board and the Grand Rapids Community College Board, and a millage proposal from the Rapid transit service. Absentee ballots are now available for those who qualify. Call 949-2110 or stop by the front desk at City Hall.

The last day to register to vote for this election is Monday, April 4th. If you are not already registered at your current address, visit City Hall before 5:00 pm on Monday to be able to vote in May.

EGRPS Administration sends letter to State Government

By Ben Trube ’13 WEB EDITOR
From The East Vision

The EGRPS School Board recently sent a letter to Governor Schneider regarding his proposed budget reduction for K-12 Education funding.  In short, below is what the school administration would have to cut if the proposal passes. For the full letter, click here.


City Commission Meets Monday

(EGR Community Center – 750 Lakeside Drive)

  1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Public Comment by persons in attendance.
  3. Report of Mayor and City Commissioners.

Regular Agenda Items

  • Zoning variance hearing on the request of Dick DeWolfe of 703 Lovett to allow the construction of a new home with an attached garage creating a rear yard setback of 14’ instead of the required 25’ and creating two side yards of 4’ each instead of the required 5’ (enclosed – 51 notices sent).
  • Public Safety Department 2010 Annual Report (enclosed – no action requested).
  • School Board Letter About Snyder Budget Concerns

    March 15, 2011
    Dear EGR Community,
    We understand that these are challenging economic times for the State of Michigan, and the Governor has many tough decisions to make. However, the Governor’s recent proposal related to K-12 education, if adopted by the legislature, will have a disproportionate impact on public education and to the East Grand Rapids Public Schools in particular. We write to inform you of the breadth and depth of these cuts, their potential impact on our schools’ operations, and to encourage you to express your concern about Lansing’s continuing erosion of public school funding.
    The Governor proposes the following:

    A cut in state funding of our foundation grant that equates to $300/pupil.